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Welcome to my home! This is my 1923 totally restored 9 ft Concert Grand Steinway that reportedly Fred Astaire performed his famous Piano Dance on in the film Let's Dance with Betty Hutton (sorry, his footprints are no longer there).

Maggie Gloria (called that because she is both magnificent and glorious) not only decorates, but IS my living room. In 2006, we gave away the sofa, coffee table, and end tables so it would fit, but I don't mind as I sit at the bench more than I ever sat on the sofa!

I hope you enjoy my music as much as I enjoy playing the piano. As my story unfolds on these pages, my wish is that you will not only find music that speaks to you, but will be inspired to never give up on your passions or dreams.

Dr. Linda Reese at home
Carpe Diem!

Dr. Linda Reese
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